Once upon a time, when I was just 15 years old, I dreamt of having a pool on the roof that does not have a leak. I’ve forgotten that. I’ve forgotten so many things. Crash Override, Acid Burn, the language of the meek. Burn, burn! ‘Coz somewhere, someone dies of cold if you stop burning. A dream of a world when I was young and very stupid…

15 years later, I’m on that same roof overlooking the city when I hear this soft thumping, guitars slowly building, and a techno voice droning on…


and I realize, I’m standing on the roof, with a pool that has no leak, watching the city lights blink CRASH, BURN and tears sting my eyes ‘coz now I know…

I don’t care what the world has to say. You should know, I love you, I loved you that day.

Even when we haven’t met yet, it was fate that’s brought us to this gate

Listen closely and feel this song
It’s in my heart, what’s always been here for so long

You’re no Dame I’m no Duke, somehow love is a fluke
We’ve survived thick and thin, taking knocks on the chin
In the eyes of the sad, we may be barking mad
But the truth has been ceased, we are like chalk and cheese
You wind me up and I drive you mad, it’s a fact of life it goes hand in hand
And I know that look, it’s read like a book

Listen closely, hear this again

When the boat starts to rock, then my ears start to block
All the words that you say, through the night through the day
Where there’s muck there is brass, and the storm soon will pass
Then it’s back to the norm, all the cold turns to warm
Sometimes I think life crawls like a snail, and all our dreams become the wind in your sails
Without wealth it’s true, who cares what you do

This bears repeating so listen close

I don’t care what the world has to say
I love you, I love you today

They’re electric memories, imprinted on my mind, to remind me that in the past was our future and what it was is what it was. And this song, this song triggers everything. A million miles, a million years – we’ve always fought time haven’t we? still, we’ve never gotten out of the loop.

And all the time we always end up marrying each other. It’s funny. I wrote this song to remind me when I forgot. Put in codes too that only I would recognize. You know, snails stopped raining on our house the moment I pointed it out after Inception.

My life is littered with codes dropped and forgotten. What was it were we fighting for? Whatever it was, I don’t care. For this moment, this time, I only know one thing

♫ i love you, i love you today ♫

Happy Valentines Day


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