the birth of a new love
the loss of a loved one
the pain of a breakup
the farewell of friends

the soulful melody of a song
the sad endings in movies
the books that move you deeply
the passionately written poem

the breaking of a new dawn
the shining streaks of dusk
the moonlit shadows of the night
the twinkling stars of light

the bursting sweetness of chocolate
the icy joy of ice cream
the colorful hues of balloons
the icing on a birthday cake

strangers walking hand in hand
random people being in kind
old couples being sweet
young people living cheerfully

the smile of your children
the feel of their tiny little fingers
in your hand
the warmth of their embrace
the joy they give you everyday

these are the things
worth shedding tears for
in everyday of your life
for as long as you live


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