1. Anyone who disagrees with the campaign against it is automatically evil.
2. It’s the perfect distraction from the other ills our country is facing.
3. You can take down your political opponents one by one just by tagging them as purveyors or protectors of it. *Cue the persecution of the Legit 8 after De Lima. Heck, Agot Isidro is now fair game!
4. Obedience from the public is gained more easily because who wants a narco-state?
5. The war against it is never-ending. His 6-year term will be over but he will still be asking for an extension.
6. If his presidency fails, it can all be blamed on the perfect bogeymen – the illegal drug trade, the oligarchs, the biased media, the undiscerning haters. None of it will be his fault. Everyone was against him from the start. Never mind the 91% approval rating.

A Primer on Political Bogeymen

An often used strategy in politics to gain support which would then later translate into votes is to invent a bogeyman, a scapegoat or a fall guy. The thing to which all of society’s problems and ills originate from. That thing usually has no voice, no political power, and no way to defend itself. Inventing a bogeyman and focusing people’s attention on it is so convenient because it removes all the hard analysis needed to identify a problem. It simplifies everything to a single common enemy. Something which the public can easily rally against.

Throughout history, regimes have invented bogeymen to distract the public, keep itself in power, manipulate public perception, and garner obedience from the public. From communism to fascism, to socialism, to terrorism, to yes, illegal drugs.

There is one aspect of this “war on drugs,” which supporters fail to realize. With demand shrinking, prices are rising. Someone, somehow, someway, that void will be filled. It’s just a logical consequence of a money-hungry world. I always point out the Prohibition, as the greatest example of why banning an addictive substance will never succeed. But people “wiser” than me refused to heed the lessons of history. So let them learn it the hard way.

I had a disturbing thought that what if we woke up one day and realize we were conned big time? What if instead of wanting to eradicate it, they just wanted to increase the price, monopolize the market, and control everything?

Where did the President say the drugs are coming from? China?

Maybe that’s why our dear President is going there next week. Maybe he’s finally bringing the war to them.

Meanwhile, all I want is faster internet speeds and less traffic. A few trains on the MRT might be good too. I know these are all his campaign promises which may “take time.” But is it too much to ask what happened to the “No more Pork Barrel or I will close Congress if it refuses” promise?

But maybe I am asking too much. When you believe in a man who says he will not run but runs anyway, you’re bound to get heartbroken. One time a liar, twice incorrigible, thrice pathological.

But never fear, our attention is here: War on Drugs.


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