I love all things sweet and easy
I hate working hard, I’m lazy as fuck
I like it just nice and dandy
I hate working in the muck

To facilitate laziness, I am more efficient
I find ways to work faster and better
Working for the sake of work, I shan’t
Not now, not tomorrow, not ever

To avoid working hard, I work smarter
not the drudgery of fools who insist on rules
there’s always a way to make things better
“no there ain’t!” insist the fools

I love all things sweet and easy
but you weren’t always sweet and you were never easy
I love you nonetheless for your sturdiness
You who never saw work that went unheeded
and never refused overtime even when none is needed

It may be hard to distinguish between a narcissist and a hedonist
but trust me, a narcissist will never refuse a selfie
while a hedonist will never refuse a day off.


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