We work and toil for useless things
yet never more for our imaginings
Of hope and dreams did passion die
yet truer things shall never lie

Of one small thing I am most sure
following the crowd is not the cure
New lands are discovered not by followers
but by fearless men, adventurers and explorers

The world will force you to conform
But this is when you must be firm
For all of them are sheep and blind
With cotton candies for their mind

So fight for what you believe in
Do what you always love
Love only those you mean to
and never be sorry for all of the above

One day the world will see
Things shouldn’t be the way it is now
But selfishness, greed, and pride abound
And so we get suffering, round and round

But one day they shall see
when that day comes
we shall work and toil no more
for money as a construct would have ceased to exist

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