From the dark I was born
With one setting: forlorn
On my lips, smiles are forsworn
In my eyes, light is torn

In that madness, a man was formed
In that sadness, emotions stormed
In that darkness, thoughts swarmed
In that blight, a soul malformed

From that shadow, grew great big wings
A bluebird awakens and spontaneously sings
From floor to walls, up to the ceilings
His voice shall fill you with his feelings

Rhyme to rhyme, and corner to corner
His words shall fill you with its power
And when you’re done hearing him after
The world suddenly isn’t as brighter

But his power has a price
He can’t live forever, cast in ice
On and on, as he flies
His life burns as sacrifice

Knowing the end he had but two choices
Continue on until he crashes
or stop now and kill his verses

So he does, the only sensible thing
He flies his last
in one great big singing

From that death, a child was born
In the darkness, it was forlorn.


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