Loneliness isn’t
that single oasis in the middle of the desert,
nor that solitary candle in a dark lit night.

It isn’t
that single goldfish swimming back and forth
in your small glass bowl

nor that one rose
in an empty garden.

Loneliness is
that guy
burning through parties every night,
hoping for a fleeting moment,
his emptiness filled
by the booze and sex
the night has to offer.

Loneliness is
that moment when you find yourself
wanting to celebrate a victory,
but find no one to share it with.

Loneliness is
that feeling
of having gotten everything in the world
and yet somehow something is lacking.

Loneliness isn’t
being alone with no one to talk to.

Loneliness is
being surrounded by so many people,
none of whom sees the real you.

Loneliness isn’t an island.
It’s a sea of people
moving through you and past you.
It’s a storm of empty days and empty moments,
going through the motions
and hoping that just for one day
your emptiness is filled.

Loneliness isn’t a state of being alone,
but a state of not being fully understood.


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