For fifteen years, I’ve been walking through life in a haze, never really doing something useful with my life and never really living up to my potential. Everyone who knew me would say I was that guy in class who turned out to be the biggest waste of potential. At one time, everyone looked up to me as the smartest and quickest guy in school. But life, as they say, is never played out in books. They are played out on the streets – where hearts matter more than brains.

It took me a long time to figure that one out.

I kept insisting that brains would triumph over emotions, that logic would win out in the end. But I was preaching to an empty audience. No one was interested in what I had to say. No one was willing to hear me out. Everyone wanted to say their own piece and be the star in their own lives (the same way I did). It wasn’t until I started teaching that things started to change for me. I began to feel directed towards a path I cannot walk away from.

First, I lost my voice. Then I found James Martin’s The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything. Then I discovered Simon Sinek. I felt something unlocked inside me.

I had no voice, but I still had everything good God gave to me. I still had my wits, my brains, my talent with words, my entire life – filled with everything I need to do the one thing God put me on this earth for.

So here I am, doing what I was meant to do.

I invite you to walk with me and share the insights I’ve learned in my life. I invite you to read, learn, and hopefully feel a little bit inspired.

We’re all just a little bit like Alice – lost in wonderland. But with a bit of guidance and a dash of mad genius, we can all find our own place in time.