Why the Illegal Drug trade is the Perfect Bogeyman for the President

1. Anyone who disagrees with the campaign against it is automatically evil.
2. It’s the perfect distraction from the other ills our country is facing.
3. You can take down your political opponents one by one just by tagging them as purveyors or protectors of it. *Cue the persecution of the Legit 8 after De Lima. Heck, Agot Isidro is now fair game!
4. Obedience from the public is gained more easily because who wants a narco-state?
5. The war against it is never-ending. His 6-year term will be over but he will still be asking for an extension.
6. If his presidency fails, it can all be blamed on the perfect bogeymen – the illegal drug trade, the oligarchs, the biased media, the undiscerning haters. None of it will be his fault. Everyone was against him from the start. Never mind the 91% approval rating.

A Primer on Political Bogeymen

An often used strategy in politics to gain support which would then later translate into votes is to invent a bogeyman, a scapegoat or a fall guy. The thing to which all of society’s problems and ills originate from. That thing usually has no voice, no political power, and no way to defend itself. Inventing a bogeyman and focusing people’s attention on it is so convenient because it removes all the hard analysis needed to identify a problem. It simplifies everything to a single common enemy. Something which the public can easily rally against.

Throughout history, regimes have invented bogeymen to distract the public, keep itself in power, manipulate public perception, and garner obedience from the public. From communism to fascism, to socialism, to terrorism, to yes, illegal drugs.

There is one aspect of this “war on drugs,” which supporters fail to realize. With demand shrinking, prices are rising. Someone, somehow, someway, that void will be filled. It’s just a logical consequence of a money-hungry world. I always point out the Prohibition, as the greatest example of why banning an addictive substance will never succeed. But people “wiser” than me refused to heed the lessons of history. So let them learn it the hard way.

I had a disturbing thought that what if we woke up one day and realize we were conned big time? What if instead of wanting to eradicate it, they just wanted to increase the price, monopolize the market, and control everything?

Where did the President say the drugs are coming from? China?

Maybe that’s why our dear President is going there next week. Maybe he’s finally bringing the war to them.

Meanwhile, all I want is faster internet speeds and less traffic. A few trains on the MRT might be good too. I know these are all his campaign promises which may “take time.” But is it too much to ask what happened to the “No more Pork Barrel or I will close Congress if it refuses” promise?

But maybe I am asking too much. When you believe in a man who says he will not run but runs anyway, you’re bound to get heartbroken. One time a liar, twice incorrigible, thrice pathological.

But never fear, our attention is here: War on Drugs.



Philippine Area Codes

National Capital Region (NCR)

Caloocan City                       2
Las Piñas City                       2
Makati City                            2
Malabon City                        2
Mandaluyong City               2
Manila City                            2
Marikina City                        2
Muntinlupa City                   2
Navotas City                          2
Parañaque City                     2
Pasay City                              2
Pasig City                               2
Pateros City                           2
Quezon City                           2
San Juan City                         2
Taguig City                             2
Valenzuela City                     2

Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)

Abra                                        74
Apayao                                    78
Benguet                                  74
Ifugao                                     74
Kalinga                                   74
Mt. Province                          74

Region I – Ilocos Region

Ilocos Norte                            77
Ilocos Sur                                77
La Union                                  72
Pangasinan                             75

Region II – Cagayan Valley

Cagayan                                   78
Batanes                                    78
Isabela                                      78
Nueva Vizcaya                        78
Quirino                                      78

Region III – Central Luzon

Aurora                                       42
Bataan                                       47
Bulacan                                     44 (Abangan Bulacan 4422) (Saint Francis 4463)
Nueva Ecija                               44
Pampanga                                45
Tarlac                                         45

Region IV-A – Calabarzon

Batangas                                   43
Cavite                                         46 (Bacoor 02, 046)
Laguna                                       49 (Majayjay 49305)( Liliw 043)
Quezon                                       42
Rizal                                            2

Region IV-B – Mimaropa

Marinduque                              42
Occidental Mindoro                 43
Oriental Mindoro                      43
Palawan                                     48
Romblon                                    54

Region V – Bicol Region

Albay                                           52
Camarines Norte                      54
Camarines Sur                          54
Catanduanes                             52
Masbate                                     56
Sorsogon                                    56

Region VI – Western Visayas

Aklan                                           36
Antique                                       36
Capiz                                           36
Guimaras                                    33
Iloilo                                             33
Negros Occidental                    34

Region VII – Central Visayas

Bohol                                          38
Cebu                                           32
Negros Oriental                        35
Siquijor                                       35

Region VIII – Eastern Visayas

Biliran                                         53
Eastern Samar                          55
Leyte                                           53
Northern Samar                        55
Samar                                         55
Southern Leyte                          53

Region IX – Zamboanga Peninsula

Zamboanga del Norte               65
Zamboanga del Sur                   62
Zamboanga Sibugay                 62

Region X – Northern Mindanao

Bukidnon                                       88
Camiguin                                      88
Lanao del Norte                           63
Misamis Occidental                    88 (Plaridel 88344)
Misamis Oriental (Cagayan de Oro 8822, Gingoog City 8842, Tagoloan 88)

Region XI – Davao Region

Compostela Valley                      84
Davao del Norte                           84
Davao del Sur                               82
Davao Oriental                              87

Region XII – Soccsksargen

North Cotabato                           64
Sarangani                                     83
South Cotabato                           83
Sultan Kudarat                             64

Region XIII – Caraga

Agusan del Norte                       85
Agusan del Sur                           85
Dinagat Islands                          86
Surigao del Norte                       86
Surigao del Sur                           86

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)

Basilan                                         62
Lanao del Sur                              64
Maguindanao                              64
Sulu                                               85
Tawi-tawi                                      68

Important things you need to remember when calling or using a landline phone:

– The international exit code is 00. You use this when you want to dial out of the country. You dial 00 + the Country Code of the country you are trying to reach.
– The country code of the Philippines is 63. This means callers outside the Philippines trying to call a number here in the Philippines need to dial their country’s exit code followed by 63.
– The Subscriber’s Numbers (without an Area Code) are always 7 digits.
– When calling from abroad to the Philippines – dial “00” + 63 + Area Code + Subscriber Number
– When calling a landline within the same Area Code – simply dial the Subscriber Number.
– When calling a landline outside an Area Code – you have to dial “0” + Area Code + Subscriber Number.
– When calling any cell phone number – dial the Philippine Mobile Network Prefix + Subscriber Number.
*Calling cell phones from landlines used to be considered “long distance” because it does not have a geographical location which means you pay per minute. But now, telecommunication companies offer unlimited calls from landline to cellular phones for a particular service provider.
*info taken from: https://faq.ph/list-of-telephone-area-codes-in-the-philippines/


In the silence of my heart, I heard the Lord speak. Not with words, but with my own voice. I felt His hand behind my back, gently guiding me towards a path laid out for me. In an instant, I understood all that God wanted to say to me.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for I will provide. If I have something planned for you, why would I allow anything to happen to you? I will not cut your life short until you have fulfilled your purpose. Similarly, if I know you will turn against me if I allow anything to happen to those you love, why would I do so? So stop worrying for I have been watching over you since before you were born.


There is no evil without free-will. There is no suffering without free-will. When I gave Man a choice, I allowed evil and suffering to exist. I could take away evil and suffering, but what would become of you, my children? I do not want you to be mindless drones, bound only to my will. I created you so that in the fullness of time, you can return to me, whole and aware. You are, each of you, a part of me. My spirit is with you, and your spirit is me. Could a father be so heartless as to remove choice from his children? I am in you, and in time, all of you would be in me.


There is a plan, but the plan is not fixed. The gift of choice is the greatest gift I gave you. The only destiny is the one you make. I can only guide, not force. My omniscience of the future stems from my ability to know all possible futures and all possible permutations of every choice and every consequence of each of those choices interacting with the choices of millions of others. The possibilities are endless – but the ends are all the same. And I await that day when all of you return to me. Fully aware and fully conscious.

The Inevitable Loss of Innocence

We’re all looking for that perfect dream vacation; that perfect picturesque, unspoiled, undiscovered piece of paradise; that pure unadulterated piece of nature that we can then take magnificent pictures of with our expensive DSLRs and GoPros, and curate and edit in our Macs and PCs, to post in our picture-perfect Instagram or Facebook accounts, using our high-end smartphones and laptops – only to lose the whole point of it.

Why did we go there anyway?

There’s a beautiful line in the movie The Beach that goes —

“by coming to paradise, we had inevitably destroyed it.”

My friend, Randall Dagooc, once posted this biting message on his Facebook page:

“Dear Siargao, please don’t become the luxury-surfer themed tourist-Disneyland that is Bali. Love, Me.”

All of us want to be that tourist who wants this perfect place to remain unspoiled, unmarred, untarnished – but somehow, all we can do is become those tourists who do the exact opposite. Randall told me that tourism by droves is inevitable. It’s what happened to Boracay, and it’s what’s happening now to Palawan and countless other beach front properties in the Philippines. There are no unspoiled places anymore, no secret getaway islands, no secret nature trails or caves. We’ve explored every face of the earth, marked every secret caves, travelled every nook and cranny there is to find.

Yet, once in a while, we do find a gem here and there. Again, my friend Randall, comes to me with an invitation. “It’s a place far off the beaten path,” he says. “No tourists,” he promises.31841986_10156389060793410_4736589598744903680_o

We set off just before lunch. We packed our gear and loaded it on his red-orange FJ cruiser. We didn’t pack much. Just our tent, cooking gear, swimwear, snorkeling gear — and beer. Lots and lots of beer. Food, Randall promised, would be caught fresh for us.

We arrived just past one. The villagers greeted us warmly (Randall had met and befriended them on his first visit) and Randall set about talking to them and giving out the gifts (various things the villagers had requested) he had brought for them. Simple stuff – a volleyball, a portable wood planer, aluminum foil (apparently, this stuff is a hit among them), and some swimming gear.31717975_10156383618358410_1645690842007994368_n

Later, we hiked down to the beach. We were greeted with a shoreline that was as unpeopled as you can ever find. We swam. Later, the villagers brought us coconuts to eat and drink. And that was just the beginning.31543505_10156381477153410_7295698699030626304_o

That night, we dined on freshly caught squid and lobster, while drinking and talking to the villagers over beer and cheap gin.31166381_10156364994203410_2481178022506397696_n31577842_10156383618753410_5408979480691605504_n31676557_10156383618703410_3890799259854831616_n31508765_10156381477968410_6644406611269910528_o

Their dreams and hopes were fairly simple. Protect the area from illegal fishing and environmental destruction, live a simple life, and enjoy a few modern necessities now and then. Their biggest problem was access to a doctor. Ka Isidro told us that if someone was sick, they have two choices: endure the pain or brave the trek to go to the city, which was 70 kilometers away – if the road was all smooth. Most of the time, their only medicine was to endure the pain, he said.


I could not begin to imagine how to help these people. I mean, I could. But the cure seemed worse than the illness. We could help make this place like Boracay, and bring modernity and livelihood to these people, or we can leave this place as is – and preserve the place in its idyllicness.31693262_10156381477473410_2721908474135969792_o

We left the next day, leaving nothing on our camping site. We brought trash bags with us and collected all our trash before we left (I told you, we brought lots of beer). We left no trace of our passing except for the memories we shared with the fishermen whom we shared and drank the night with. Like that quote everyone likes to post on their vacation getaway photos, “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.” Except everyone else doesn’t really do it. They just like to quote it. Hashtag savemotherearth.31518651_10156381842708410_8978544860734685184_o

I can’t really promise you that this place will remain unspoiled. That you’ll find it in the same state we found it in. When we got back and asked around the various local government agencies to inquire about help for the fishermen, we were told there were already various plans to turn the area into a mass tourism area.31732590_10156383618278410_4735131285549219840_n

Randall has this idealistic dream that we can protect every unspoiled place we find, preserve nature if only we could educate people better. In the past, I would have shared his idealism. But I know better now. I’ve accepted that until people see these places as home instead of a vacation site, things will remain as they are. They’ll come and take their pictures, leave their mark, and change the place from a once idyllic place into the next Boracay.

I’ve accepted that people aren’t like me and Randall. They don’t go to a secluded place and think “We’re home.” They go to a place and think “What a perfect place away from home.” Don’t get me wrong.

“I still believe in paradise. But now, at least I know it’s not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go, it’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment, it lasts forever.”

And in my mind, where it’s the only place where it can ever be truly perfect, I keep my memories pristine clear. No hashtags, no Instagram photos. Just memories — of that time, and that place, far off the beaten path, just as promised.31562840_10156383618518410_2091080479611551744_n

*all photos credit of Randall Dagooc of Mango Red. You can view more of his and his brother’s work, here.

Counting Days

.. at lumipas ang mga araw
at ang mga buwan ay naging taon.

At ang awit ng kalungkutan ay nagpatuloy sa pagtugtog,
pilit na ibinabaon ang pighati at luha…
umaagos at tumatagos sa damdamin at kaluluwa.

Isang patalim na nakasusugat,
tulad ng iyong mga matang
puno ng lungkot at pamumugto.

Tumutupad ako sa aking pangako
na kailanma’y di ka na mamahalin.

Ngunit ang puso ko’y sadyang mapagpaalala
na ako ay mahina at marupok.

… at lumipas ang mga taon.

Ang kalungkuta’y naging kabaliwan.
at sa kabaliwang iyon ay —

Patuloy sa pagtugtog ang himig.

Kahit kailanma’y di ko inisip na ako’y iyong patatawarin.
Subalit kung ang araw ay dumating
na ako’y iyong hanapin,
sundan mo ang hangin…

patungo sa puntod ko’y tatahakin.

The Resting Place

I have come to my resting place.
Where the air is fresh
and the wind is cool
Where the rocks are white
and the sands are fine
Where the trees are dense
and the land is lush
and the heavens and stars
refresh your soul at night.
I will remove the ropes
and untie the boat.
I have come to my resting place.

I have come to my resting place.
Where the birds fly free
and the fishes swim deep
Where horses run wild
and foxes go tame
Where sheep cry silently
and crickets do not hum
and the water and the ocean
gently lap at your feet while you sleep.
I will gather the wool
and whisper the prayer of the wild.
I have come to my resting place.

I have come to my resting place.
I have spent my whole life
searching for a place to die
Where sunset shall give way
to a beautiful morn
and its brilliant streaks
reflecting in the horizon
I will go in the wind
and set up the sail
I will fly in the sky
and soar with the birds
I have come to my resting place.
I shall not die in vain.

I have come to my resting place.
Where the wind is now picking up
and the waves are starting to build
Where the crickets are now humming
and the sheep starting to weep
I can hear the fox howl
as the sail catches wind
and my boat starts to move.
There, these prayers of the wild
will not be forgotten.
I have come to my resting place.

So now, I shall be on my way.

Are You Rich Enough?

I was browsing the web when I chanced upon a link that says “Are You Rich Enough? The Terrible Tragedy of Income.”

I thought to myself that that was a very profound title, describing perfectly how our society has become twisted and how people have mixed up their priorities in life, and how I would very much like to read what it says.

So I clicked the link and found out the title was incomplete. What the title really said was “Are You Rich Enough? The Terrible Tragedy of Income Inequality.”

I then laughed at myself for thinking I woke up to a different world. How typical. To see people frame the situation as a problem of inequality as opposed to a problem of systems. You know people don’t understand the problem when they think giving everyone the same amount of money fixes everything. It’s a serious misunderstanding of how the economy works. If you gave everyone the same amount of money, everyone would have the same purchasing power – leading to an equal capacity to buy anything. That’s all fine and dandy until you realize that the things you can buy are finite, and that most people probably want to buy the same things you do – which of course leads to an increase in demand – which of course leads to a supply problem – which of course leads to an increase in prices on goods that are in demand – which of course leads to inflation – which finally leads to everyone’s money being devalued. Those who saved their money in a bank now have less purchasing power than what they started out with. Those who spent their money, now don’t have any, and those smart enough to hold onto theirs and sell the goods in demand are now richer than before. And we’re back right where we started. In a world of income inequality.

Simply put, even if everyone started out with the same amount of money, the system works in such a way as to always end up in income inequalty. We will never ever have equality under this financial system. And to think otherwise is simply to be ignorant of the economic interactions at play.

While I was disappointed the article turned out to be not what I expected, I still felt my initial reading of the incomplete title as the real profound lesson that needs to be taught.

Today, when we think of wealth and the richest people in the world, we always frame it in percentages. We’ll say “Oh, they’re the 1 percent of the world.” News outlets carry the headlines “Richest 1 Percent of the World Own Half of Global Wealth.”

I shake my head sometimes at how people view wealth and value in the world. People have a serious misconception of what truly matters and their priorities are seriously messed up. How you view the world truly changes your life.

There’s a sad, sad tale for everyone who thinks wealth = money. And there’s an even sadder tale for those who equate financial wealth = success. The saddest tale meanwhile, is reserved for those who earned their wealth at the cost of losing their loved ones.

Here’s how I view the world:

Do you have someone you love who also loves you back?
You’re part of the 1%.

Are you healthy?
You’re part of the 1%.

Are you happy?
You’re part of the 1%.

Are you contented?
You’re part of the 0.01%.

Do you live a life of love and forgiveness?
You’re part of the 1%.

99% of the people in the world are unhappy, scared, lonely, and always living in fear.

So the next time you envy someone with more money than you, remember that wealth is a state of mind. And happiness is a consequence of viewing the world differently than 99% of the people in the world.

The question isn’t “Are You Rich Enough,” the question is “Are You Wise Enough to Know When You Are Rich Enough?”

Don’t sell your wealth for a couple of lousy bucks.

The Richest Man in the World

I wish sometimes that you were of easy heart
the heart that least worries and smiles most
that smiles often and frowns least
that appreciates more and feels disappointed less

I wish sometimes that you would just feel glad
without apprehensions, expectations or accusations
feel glad unconditionally just because
we’re alive and we feel loved

I wish sometimes that you would just see
how rich we truly are
and how happy we could be
if you just throw away your negativity

Life is not made wonderful by what happens to us
but by what we think of what happens to us

Both of you happened to me.

That makes me rich.
And I am happy.

Please join me.

“Saan Napunta ang Pera ni Juan?” at Iba Pang Economic Misunderstanding ng Karamihan

Sabi sa video na ito

Ang pera raw ni Juan ay napupunta either sa assets or sa liabilities. Ang mayayaman raw ay ginagastos ang pera nila sa assets (yung mga bagay na kumikita ng pera), samantalang ang mga mahihirap daw ay puro liabilities (yung mga bagay na gumagawa pa ng gastos) ang binibili.

Sabi ko sa sarili ko, napaka simplistic ng argumentong eto. Napakadaling humatak ng mga di masyadong nag-a-analyze.  Saan mo ilalagay ang mga necessities (tulad ng tubig, at pagkain)? Papaano kung ang sahod ng isang tao ay sapat lang sa pagkain at tubig? (napaka tragic, pero ang totoo mas marami pa ang kulang pa nga ang sahod para sa pagkain man lamang) Tapos babanatan lang ng gumawa ng video na ito at sasabihing “kasalanan ng mahihirap kung bakit sila mahirap dahil finacially illiterate sila.” Ni hindi man lang kinonsidera ang iba’t-ibang dahilang kung bakit pwedeng naging mahirap ang isang tao.

Isa sa pinaka tumatak sa isip ko tungkol sa isyu ng kahirapan ang katagang ito na sinabi sa akin ng kaibigan ko.

“Ang tanging naghihiwalay sayo at sa pulubing dinadaanan mo sa kalye ay kung saang puke kayo lumabas.”

Para akong lasing na binuhusan ng malamig na tubig sa mga sinabi nyang yon. Totoo kaya? Sabi ko sa sarili ko. Ipagpalagay na nating ang naging magulang ko ay palaboy at lumaki ako sa kalye, ano kaya ang mangyayari sa akin?

Una, dahil salat sa pagkain, malamang ang utak ko ay di ganito kasigla. Malamang retarded ako. Naturally, kung retarded ako, napakaliit ng chances ko na umasenso sa buhay. Patay! Sa simula pa lang, limitado na agad ang mga options ko. Either lalaki akong bobo or mejo bobo.

Pangalawa, sakali mang palarin, at malampasan ko ang samu’t-saring sakit na dadapo sakin, problema ko pa rin ang edukasyon. Dahil mas importante ang mabuhay kesa mag-aral, magtatrabaho ako kesa pumasok sa paaralan. Punyeta. Retarded na nga dahil di nabigyan ng nutrisyon ang munti kong utak, tapos wala pang pinag-aralan.

Pangatlo, dahil sa kalye ako nabubuhay, sa kalye ko rin makukuha ang edukasyon ko. Kung anong aral ang naglilipana sa kalye, yung ang makukuha ko. Di malayong mangyari na wala pa ako sa edad na trese, snatcher na ako.

Sabi nga nila, “The instinct to survive is a primal instinct of man. It brings the best in us, but also the worst in us.”

Napakaraming guru dyan na kung sino-sinong self-made millionaires ang tinuturo at ginagawang ehemplo upang sabihin sa ating “kaya mahirap ang mahirap ay dahil tamad sila.” Ni hindi nila kinokonsidera na sila ang exception, hindi ang rule. Statistical anomaly. Hindi sila ang pruweba ng katamaran ng mahihirap. Sila ang pruweba na sa isa sa isang milyon, may isang mapalad na malalampasan ang kahirapan. Kalokohang sabihing lahat ng yaman ng isang milyonaryo ay dahil lamang sa sikap at tyaga. Kailangan din ng konting swerte. Swerte, na kahit mahirap sya ay di sya dinapuan ng matinding sakit. Swerte na hindi sya napalibutan ng masasamang impluwensya. Swerte na lumago ang negosyo nya at di inabot ng malas.

Sa bawat self-made millionaire na maituturo mo, may isang milyon akong maituturo sayo na mas masipag pa at mas matyaga sa kanya. Ano bang pinagkaiba nila? Si mamang magtataho, araw-araw gumigising ng maaga para maglako; si aleng manlalako, uminit man o umaraw nasa lansangan para magtinda; ang mga magsasaka na magkanda-kuba sa pagtatanim – mga tamad ba sila?

So nasaan ang linya na naghihiwalay sa mga mayayaman at mahirap? Kung ang tanging mag-aangat sa tao sa kahirapan ay kasipagan, bakit marami pa rin ang mahirap kahit masipag sila?

Work smarter, not harder. Sabi nila. Sabi sa video: invest.

Putang ina. Lahat catch-22. Paano ka nga magtatrabaho ng “smarter” eh kung bobo (or ignorante). Eh di mag-aral! Eh paano ka nga mag-aaral kung sa murang edad pa lang eh nagtatrabaho ka na? Papano ka mag-i-invest eh perang nakuha mo sa pangangalakal eh kulang pa sa pagkain mo? Tapos sasabihin pa ng iba “Ay naku, yang CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer) na yan, nagpo-promote yan ng mendicancy.” Never mind na ang cash transfer ay nakasalalay sa mga kondisyon na dapat matupad. Dapat nag-aaral ang mga bata, dapat may monthly check-up sa health center, dapat walang bisyo…

Social mobility of people tend to be possible with more choices. Pero papaano nga ba lalawak ang gagalawan nila kung di natin sila bibigyan ng mas maraming tsansa?

Sabi ng kaibigan ko, okay lang daw tumulong basta nasa lugar. Sabi ko sa sarili ko “Saang lugar? Sa lugar ng mga hunghang? Sa lugar kung saan patay na sila? Saang lugar? Kelan pa nawala sa lugar ang pagtulong?”

Teach a man to fish daw.

Napaka idealistic di ba? Pero napaka hirap gawin.

Napaka tragic isipin na kahit ang mga nakapag aral na tao ay ignorante sa tunay na takbo ng ekonomiya, ng kapitalismo, ng pera. Tanungin mo ang isang tipikal na gradweyt sa kolehiyo kung paano gumagana ang kapitalismo at kung ano ang relasyon ng pera sa utang at bibigyan ka nito ng isang malaking “Huh?”

Oo. Ganyan rin yung reaksyon ko nung una. Kinailangan pang maganap ang 2007 financial crisis bago ko maintindihan ang mga isyung ito. At naintindihan ko lang ito dahil binasa ko ito, pinag-aralan ko mag-isa. Di ito tinuturo sa eskwela – sa di maipaliwanag na dahilan (marahil ignorante rin ang mga guro). Napaka mali di ba? Sa mundo na pinapaikot ng pera, ang kasaysayan nito, mekanismo, at pag palago ay di tinuturo sa paaralan. Kailangan mo pang mag MBA para matutunan ang mga yan. At minsan pa, mali pa ang tinuturo. Panay propaganda.

Isa sa pinakamahalagang natutunan ko sa pag-aaral ko ay ang leksyon na ang kahirapan ay sadyang di mawawala sa kapitalismong sistema. Dahil mismong kapitalismo ang gumagawa ng kahirapan.

“Kalokohan!” sasabihin mo. Pero totoo. Kahit nung una, ayaw ko ring maniwala. Pero unti-unti, sa pag-aaral ko, napagtanto ko nga na tama. Sadyang may mahirap kapag may mayaman. Hindi ito mawawala. Para may yumaman, kailangan may maghirap.

to be contd.

Dear Me,

Youth is wasted on the young.

You’ll never imagine just how much you would change in 15 years, but there it is. Your youth is wasted on you. Oh, how I wish I had your vigor, your power, your strength, your passion, your fearlessness. How I wish I could transport my wisdom to you and tell you, “Your whole life is very much ahead of you. Don’t waste it watching it go by thinking you only had one chance at life, and that one chance you lost when you made a bad decision.”

How I wish I could tell you that life doesn’t end at the gravest of mistakes, but merely takes a turn – and that life goes on, giving you so many chances and so many opportunities. You know you were that talented, and you know what you wanted right from the beginning. Oh, maybe you were confused, and maybe you were unsure of yourself – but you knew! You knew right from when Xavier drew it out of you that you only wanted to do one thing in your life. You knew that whatever you do, life would always bring you back to your one passion, your one dream, your one great talent.

But life had other plans for you. And maybe it was just right that you lost your way. For how else could you have found the greatest happiness of your life if you didn’t branched off that unbeaten path. How else could you have gained this insight I’m giving you now if you never experienced so much sorrow and so much heartbreak? Yeah, maybe it was for the best you lost your way. Inside that bleak, dark forest, you found a treasure so much more precious than what joy you could have found raring through life as the fiery, carefree centaur that you were.

Your youth was wasted on you. But I’m glad you did waste that youth. It gave me the chance to enjoy the twilight years of my life surrounded by things you would’ve bucked as you are now. You bristled at responsibility, and you hated being shackled. You wanted nothing to do with family and the only things you thought that could make you happy were sex and wild parties.

Well, maybe the future you still think that too. Except he knows that that happiness is merely fleeting and temporary. He knows that the vagaries of fate could swiftly take away all that he holds dear and that he must therefore cherish the best of them for he knows not when his time will come. And time indeed is so short that everyday of his life he wishes that he could put time in a bottle and put it away, never to let it move past one second. He wishes so much he could have spent more time living life instead of merely enduring it. He wishes he could have held your hand and told you, “Despair not, your whole life is ahead of you. You will give it all up anyway for that one joy you’ll never imagine you’ll have. So stop moping and stop whiling away your days in dark brooding and useless pastimes. You’ll never regret the regrets you have now in the future. Trust me.”

I love you and I hope you realize that the future that’s waiting for you is as sweet and as triumphant than anything you’ll ever dreamed of. So endure those heartaches and those disappointments – for everything is worth their time and their pain, with their weight measured in gold and diamonds. The heavier your heart is, the sweeter the joy that is waiting for you.

And that’s no lie, for I am You, and You are me, and this is Us – this is Us saying goodbye to the fleeting, evanescence joy that life is. Have fun getting to know your son. Be patient with him. Losing your patience with him is the only regret you’ll ever really have in your life. Live life my friend. Live life with your son and never look back. Adieu.