In the silence of my heart, I heard the Lord speak. Not with words, but with my own voice. I felt His hand behind my back, gently guiding me towards a path laid out for me. In an instant, I understood all that God wanted to say to me.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for I will provide. If I have something planned for you, why would I allow anything to happen to you? I will not cut your life short until you have fulfilled your purpose. Similarly, if I know you will turn against me if I allow anything to happen to those you love, why would I do so? So stop worrying for I have been watching over you since before you were born.


There is no evil without free-will. There is no suffering without free-will. When I gave Man a choice, I allowed evil and suffering to exist. I could take away evil and suffering, but what would become of you, my children? I do not want you to be mindless drones, bound only to my will. I created you so that in the fullness of time, you can return to me, whole and aware. You are, each of you, a part of me. My spirit is with you, and your spirit is me. Could a father be so heartless as to remove choice from his children? I am in you, and in time, all of you would be in me.


There is a plan, but the plan is not fixed. The gift of choice is the greatest gift I gave you. The only destiny is the one you make. I can only guide, not force. My omniscience of the future stems from my ability to know all possible futures and all possible permutations of every choice and every consequence of each of those choices interacting with the choices of millions of others. The possibilities are endless – but the ends are all the same. And I await that day when all of you return to me. Fully aware and fully conscious.