Counting Days

.. at lumipas ang mga araw
at ang mga buwan ay naging taon.

At ang awit ng kalungkutan ay nagpatuloy sa pagtugtog,
pilit na ibinabaon ang pighati at luha…
umaagos at tumatagos sa damdamin at kaluluwa.

Isang patalim na nakasusugat,
tulad ng iyong mga matang
puno ng lungkot at pamumugto.

Tumutupad ako sa aking pangako
na kailanma’y di ka na mamahalin.

Ngunit ang puso ko’y sadyang mapagpaalala
na ako ay mahina at marupok.

… at lumipas ang mga taon.

Ang kalungkuta’y naging kabaliwan.
at sa kabaliwang iyon ay —

Patuloy sa pagtugtog ang himig.

Kahit kailanma’y di ko inisip na ako’y iyong patatawarin.
Subalit kung ang araw ay dumating
na ako’y iyong hanapin,
sundan mo ang hangin…

patungo sa puntod ko’y tatahakin.


The Resting Place

I have come to my resting place.
Where the air is fresh
and the wind is cool
Where the rocks are white
and the sands are fine
Where the trees are dense
and the land is lush
and the heavens and stars
refresh your soul at night.
I will remove the ropes
and untie the boat.
I have come to my resting place.

I have come to my resting place.
Where the birds fly free
and the fishes swim deep
Where horses run wild
and foxes go tame
Where sheep cry silently
and crickets do not hum
and the water and the ocean
gently lap at your feet while you sleep.
I will gather the wool
and whisper the prayer of the wild.
I have come to my resting place.

I have come to my resting place.
I have spent my whole life
searching for a place to die
Where sunset shall give way
to a beautiful morn
and its brilliant streaks
reflecting in the horizon
I will go in the wind
and set up the sail
I will fly in the sky
and soar with the birds
I have come to my resting place.
I shall not die in vain.

I have come to my resting place.
Where the wind is now picking up
and the waves are starting to build
Where the crickets are now humming
and the sheep starting to weep
I can hear the fox howl
as the sail catches wind
and my boat starts to move.
There, these prayers of the wild
will not be forgotten.
I have come to my resting place.

So now, I shall be on my way.

The Richest Man in the World

I wish sometimes that you were of easy heart
the heart that least worries and smiles most
that smiles often and frowns least
that appreciates more and feels disappointed less

I wish sometimes that you would just feel glad
without apprehensions, expectations or accusations
feel glad unconditionally just because
we’re alive and we feel loved

I wish sometimes that you would just see
how rich we truly are
and how happy we could be
if you just throw away your negativity

Life is not made wonderful by what happens to us
but by what we think of what happens to us

Both of you happened to me.

That makes me rich.
And I am happy.

Please join me.

Nawalang Kamusmusan

Natatandaan mo pa ba nung tayo’y musmos pa lamang
mga larong ating pinagdaanan
mga pagkaing ating pinagsaluhan
Sa tabi ng dagat at dalampasigan?

Sa mura nating isip tumatak
mga hagikhik at halakhak
sigawan at palakpak
baril-barilan at bulaklak?

Natatandaan mo pa ba mga iniwan nating alaala
sa kwaderno at aklat ating tinala
ang ating karunungan dito nagsimula
di ba’t lahat ng ito’y parang himala?

Mga keyk na pagkalalaki
Mga laruang pagka dami-rami
Halik at yakap ni Nanay at Tatay
Masarap na higaan kung san tayo’y humimlay

Natatandaan mo pa ba?
Mabuti ka pa
Ako hindi na
Ako hindi na

Wala akong matandaan,
kundi’t pangungulila’t kahirapan
Sana’y ika’y matandaan mo
Andito lamang ako, naghihintay sayo

Sana’y bukas makalawa
magkasama na tayo sa ating mga alaala.
Sana, sana, sana…


You said I love you,
they are but words

You said I miss you,
they are but words

You said you needed me,
they are but words

You said you’ll never let me go,
they are but words

You said I’m the only one,
they are but words

You held my hand

I said,
come let’s walk awhile


Blood is thicker than water
so they say
well I beg to disagree
if I may

it’s not blood
that ties your bonds
that connects you
across distant lands

rather it is time
well spent and well invested
in love and in joy
in pain and hardships, never wasted


Waiting anxiously for his fever to break
Standing vigil all night long
Waking up in the dead of night
to sing him a lullaby song

Early morning breakfasts
late night snacks
a roomful of cluttered toys
lost underwear and socks

Messy dining tables
hand drawn paintings on the wall
crooked scribblings of “I love you’s”
each weekend trip to the mall

A dozen broken chinaware
ripped dolls and stuffed toys
all the cartoons you could watch
every tears and every joys

My father (a chronic workaholic)
said I’ve wasted ten years of my time
(being a stay at home dad)
It makes me so sad
till this day he still can’t see

Time you want to put in a bottle
and time you wish stood still
time you wish you had forever
only a family will reveal


the birth of a new love
the loss of a loved one
the pain of a breakup
the farewell of friends

the soulful melody of a song
the sad endings in movies
the books that move you deeply
the passionately written poem

the breaking of a new dawn
the shining streaks of dusk
the moonlit shadows of the night
the twinkling stars of light

the bursting sweetness of chocolate
the icy joy of ice cream
the colorful hues of balloons
the icing on a birthday cake

strangers walking hand in hand
random people being in kind
old couples being sweet
young people living cheerfully

the smile of your children
the feel of their tiny little fingers
in your hand
the warmth of their embrace
the joy they give you everyday

these are the things
worth shedding tears for
in everyday of your life
for as long as you live


She talks to me for hours without end
Soothes me when I’m in my bends
Embraces me and kisses me
Accepts me for who I am

She doesn’t question
She doesn’t accuse
She only ever looks me in the eye
and never, ever, ever pry

I’d like the two of you
to meet one day
Beneath a lovely sky and bright blue day

We’ll hold hands and she’ll be there
waiting to see if you’ll break her.


My wife once asked me
if I’ve ever been sad

I said
there was only one day I was ever sad

and that was the day before I met you

all the other days before that did not exist