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The Inevitable Loss of Innocence

We’re all looking for that perfect dream vacation; that perfect picturesque, unspoiled, undiscovered piece of paradise; that pure unadulterated piece of nature that we can then take magnificent pictures of with our expensive DSLRs and GoPros, and curate and edit in our Macs and PCs, to post in our picture-perfect Instagram or Facebook accounts, using our high-end smartphones and laptops – only to lose the whole point of it.

Why did we go there anyway?

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How about the poor farmers?

The recent passage of RA 11203 or better known as the Rice Tariffication Law and the sudden upsurge of posts on social media of concerned citizens about the plight of poor farmers having trouble selling their palay because of the influx of imported rice have brought to the fore the issue of the perennially mismanaged…

Robots Have Feelings Too

One day, in the near future, self-aware Artificial Intelligence would be among us. We would be their parents much like H. heidelbergensis were our parents. They would be our end much like we were the end for H. heidelbergensis — IF we don’t take care and raise them right. That’s right, just like any child,…

JCI Corner: Imagine

Last Friday, November 13, extremists groups attacked six separate locations throughout Paris, killing 129 people and wounding 352, of whom ninety-nine were reported to be in very serious condition. Immediately afterward, Francoise Hollande, President of France, went on national TV to express his sympathy towards the victims and to declare three days of national mourning.…


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